Dare to dream

We are to be blamed if we assassin our dreams
And later for the end of our reign, it’s the whole world except us we blame.
Foolish are we if only pessimism is only what we tame.
Far away in the fields lush green, I stand with firm feet.
Challenging the endless sea in front of me to look into my fierce eyes and
Say ‘ha your depth is so meek in front of my might.
If I paddle my feet, even in your shallowest waters
You will curl yourself knowing there is no need to fight,
As you would have then foreseen your defeat.
Then that red disk will have no place to hide,
It’ll be seen flinching in my sight
Staking my self with so much endurance that
The sky will bow in front of me and say touch me my majesty and
Tell the world that you have reached the sky.
The screaming wind rushing by, to reach its
Destination in time will come to a sudden halt,
Still…… silence……
It’ll turn around with a confusing surprise in
Its eyes, then will start admiring, asking the
Earth just below secretly in its ears, who is this
Invincible, who has taken the world in one stride.
The old, stable & enlighted saintly earth will
Tell, no one but it’s just an optimist nurturing some thoughts.
Culprits caught red-handed can be taught the right way,
We can also, save the glory of our story,
By just perspiring with hope within and proving that
We have it in us & can do it if we can dream it.
The lost opportunity will come running back to us,
Though in a different attire but with a better future to secure.
When the fate will hold our hands we will show
The way to our fate, not the fate will decide our way.
It takes only a spark to start a fire, putting a step
Forward today, we will see that we have walked
Miles tomorrow in the orchard laden with joy and no sorrow.
- Chaarvi Murari Class XII A

Learn from Failure

Do you know about failure?
I know its nothing that’ll give you pleasure.
Instead it steals your happiness
And leave you in utter sadness.
I am just sixteen,
Still many failures my eyes have been
Many times m heart has been broken
By failure given saddest emotion
I became sad not because of failure
Bu because it took away my papa’s slumber
It gives my mummy & di sadness
Because still after my prayers to god
I don’t get complete happiness.
Sometimes I feel I feel like your river
Going through mountains & valleys deeper
I have to reach my ocean
And for that I have full determination.
I have not always failed
Many times on success’s boat too I have sailed
Like night is followed by day
In the same way success follows failure I say.
But these failures have taught me so many things.
They have made me something out of nothing.
They have made me strong person and
Have given strength to my determination
So see possitivity in darkness & u will never be in sadness.
Learn from experiences of your life & then again take a flight.
Take failures in positive way and
Then success will not be far away.
- Shalini Thakur, Class XII

Wise Living - By : - Kamayani Mishra(Ex- Student)

A father and his two sons lived in a single room. The father used to come home drunk every day and watch TV disturbing his children at study time. The elder son concentrated on his studies while the younger son followed in father’s footsteps. As adults, the elder boy got an award for excellence as a citizen of the town while the younger son was imprisoned for a petty crime. When they were interviewed, the younger son said, ”I became like this because of my father who created a bad atmosphere at home.” The elder son said, ”I attribute my success to my drunken father and the unhappy home atmosphere, I was determined to be different.”
The situation was the same for both, but the response was different. It is our response that determines quality of life