The Genesis of the K.V.

Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 3, Morar Cantt, Gwalior was established as one of the offshoots of Bhopal Region in July 1980 with 500 students and a few staff members in temporary building. Within limited infrastructure it advanced on its path by leaps and bounds in all arenas, in 1994 school got a permanent building which was sanctioned in 1986. Today it is one of the most sought after schools of this Region. Presently it is teeming with 1643 students under the able guidance of 55 devoted teachers.

The glimmering success of the pupils may be visualized in several technical courses. Some of its alumni are holding coveted posts in different fields. They are elevating the name of their alma- mater through their outstanding achievement in their respective professions.

Important Mile Stone of Growth


Date of Opening the KV

July 1980

Date of Shifting in New Building


Gradual year wise expansion


Type of Building


Highest class and the number of sections sanctioned for each class








State / U.T.

Madhya Pradesh


15 acres

Facilities available including games & sports

Computer Labs

Computer is integral part of Education keeping this in mind computer Aided Education is provided to the students as per the modern trend and to enable them to walk with the time. In order to meet this end the Vidyalaya has three well-equipped computer Labs-for Primary section, Secondary section and senior secondary sections respectively with broad band connection. Three well-trained and skilled computer teachers help the students in achieving expertise in computer operations.



Experimentation forms an integral part of science teaching to bring our scientific inquisitiveness. We have well equipped Physics,Chemistry and Biology, Maths lab and Jr. Science labs



The library has bloomed since it inception. It boasts of impressive collection of 12000 and internet facility. On the stands are an impressive array of more then 40 magazines and periodicals which help in cultivating reading habits among students.


Games & Sports facilities

We offer ample opportunities to students and train them to excel in sport and games. There is active participation of students in sports and games at various level,regional level and national level competitions. There is a multipurpose play field in the premises of the Vidyalaya. Regular coaching is given to achieve excellence in this field. We have a Football and a Cricket Ground, 1 handball field, a Basket ball and a volleyball Court and a tennis and two Badminton Courts.


Start of the day with Meditation & Prayer